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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vs IA (Intelligent Automation)

An Integrated Automation Platform
is driving Intelligent Automation while leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Component of Hyper Automation


Impact of Hyperautomation in Business

In Human-Agent Requirement
In Customer Engagement 24X7
Automated Lead Verification & Qualification
In Unified Customer Digital Experience

Intelligent Document Processing

IDP combines computer vision and Al technologies to convert analog data into a digital and usable format.
IDP technology extracts and organizes data from diverse formats and sources, enabling automation of document-centric procedures. IDP uses AI, NLP, ML, CV, and OCR to capture, categorize, and process the most difficult-to-automate data.
Doc Sources
Doc Sources
Input Types
Input Types
Semi Structured
Unformatted data
Physical documents


Benefits of IDP
Faster Data Processing
Faster Data Processing
Enhanced Accuracy
Enhanced Accuracy
Reduced Processing Cost
Reduced Processing Cost
Improved Process Efficiency
Improved Process Efficiency
Higher Straight Through Processing
Higher Straight Through Processing
Enterprise-Grade Automation
Enterprise-Grade Automation
Applications of IDP
Digitizing Paper Documents:
Digitizing Paper Documents:
Scan paper-based documents and convert them into machine-readable file formats
Avoiding Manual Data Entry:
Avoiding Manual Data Entry:
Eliminate manual data entry into data systems by combining IDP solutions with RPA and BPM
Capturing Right Information:
Capturing Right Information:
Intelligent data extraction pulls the right data you want from various document formats

Our Products

Reduced Cost
Compliance with Legal & Regulatory Requirements
Reduced Carbon Foot Print
Security & Scalability
Reducing the Chances of Fraud
Advanced Governance
Better Record Keeping
Productivity & Operational Efficiency
Reduced Workload
Increased Quality & Data Analysis
Speed & Accuracy

Will our Data be Safe?

Yes, your data is 100% safe & secure and only your chosen people from your own organization have access to your data. Apart from this, your data is in an encrypted format when it is stored in databases as well as during transit between the server and your machine. Multiple security audits and reviews have been done to make sure of this.

Can RPA help Finance and Accounting? Yes!

Automation can empower finance and accounting business units to be more efficient, streamline high-touch processes, and boost employee satisfaction.
End-to-end process automation can save up to 60% processing time and cost, all while integrating multiple legacy systems and applications, reducing the need for manual labor and ensuring maximum data security and compliance across all operations.
Additionally, hyperautomation can accelerate complex processes within the department.

What can be automated? A lot!

There are key areas of opportunity for automation inside finance and accounting. From customer onboarding and invoicing, to cash application, to logistics management to invoice processing, to payments processing.
Nearly any process can benefit from automation inside finance and accounting. In the next page, you will discover process heatmaps that highlight where automation has the biggest potential across the business unit.

Interesting Facts

IDP - (Intelligent Data Processor)
  1. Our IDP (Intelligent Data Processor) software uses AI and NLP to process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time.
  2. It can extract, transform, load data, clean, enrich structure it, identify patterns and anomalies and generate insights using machine learning algorithms.
  3. It can be used in various industries and can be integrated with other systems, but there are concerns about errors and bias in the processed data.

Funny Facts - HyperAutomation

HyperAutomation robots are known to sometimes break out in spontaneous dance parties when they finish a task successfully.
The first HyperAutomation robot was actually a modified toaster that could make perfect toast every time.
HyperAutomation is so efficient that it has been known to cause office coffee machines to overflow with coffee, much to the delight of caffeine-deprived employees.
Some HyperAutomation robots have been known to form strong emotional bonds with their human co-workers, leading to office romances.
HyperAutomation is so advanced that some organizations have reported that their robots have started writing their own poetry, much to the surprise of their creators.
HyperAutomation has been known to cause spontaneous sing-alongs in the workplace, as robots and humans come together to celebrate their newfound efficiency.
One organization reported that their HyperAutomation robots actually convinced the CEO to buy the entire office a round of donuts, leading to a day of unbridled gluttony.
In one company, a group of HyperAutomation robots banded together to form their own union, demanding better working conditions and more frequent oiling.
The most advanced HyperAutomation robots have been known to solve complex mathematical problems in their sleep, just for fun.
One HyperAutomation robot was actually elected as the mayor of a small town, after impressing the citizens with its efficiency and fairness.

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